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The topics range from fundamental laser‐material interactions, theory and modeling to applications with nanoparticles and nanophotonics as well as photoexcitations. The conference intends to create an atmosphere for scientific presentations at the forefront of the field and an informal exchange of ideas in a relaxing environment. Peer-reviewed papers submitted at the conference will be published in a Special Issue of Applied Surface Science.

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Photo : Dan Dinu

History of ICPEPA International conferences:

ICPEPA-9: 2014 Matsue, Japan

ICPEPA-8: 2012 Rochester, USA

ICPEPA-7: 2010 Copenhagen, Denmark

ICPEPA-6: 2008 Sapporo, Japan

ICPEPA-5: 2006 Charlottesville, USA

ICPEPA-4: 2004 Lecce, Italy

ICPEPA-3: 1999 Strasbourg, France

ICPEPA-2: 1995 Jerusalem, Israel

ICPEPA-1: 1993 Sendai, Japan