Paper Submission

The Proceedings of the “10th International Conference on Photoexcited Processes and Applications”, August 29 – September 2, 2016, Brasov, Romania (“ICPEPA-10”) will be published as a special issue of the journal Applied Surface Science and will contain selected papers. The format, letter‑type and lay‑out will be the same as for the regular issues of the Journal. There will be no page charges.

The submission of the manuscript will be done via Elsevier’s Editorial System (EES) at The first manuscripts would be uploaded in the EES by the authors no earlier than 29 August 2016. The last manuscript is expected to be submitted on-line no later than 29 October 2016. The final date of acceptance (after review and revise) in EES is 25 February 2017. ELSEVIER undertakes to publish the Proceedings within three months after receipt of the complete and final manuscripts by the Publisher, and no later than May 2017.

Color figures will appear on the web for free. If color figures in the printed version are needed, an additional cost for reproduction of color pages will apply as for regular papers in the Journal; prices available in the Journal’s Guide for Authors or upon request. These costs will be borne by the Author(s) of a contribution containing one or more colored pages.